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Silhouette Power Spray

Silhouette Power Spray Sale $ 6.95

Silhouette Power Spray Sale Just $ 6.95 while stocks last.

Provides ultra strong hold while maintaining great shine and vitality

  • Quick drying
  • No stickiness
  • Brushes out easily
Spray directly onto dry hair from approx. 30cm. Use in short bursts.
De Lorenzo Elements Spray

De Lorenzo Elements Thermal Protection Spray Only $ 15.95

Special Offer right now only $ 15.95 (normally $ 24.50) while stocks last!

Your hair needs some help getting it back into shape and to keep it healthy. De Lorenzo hair care has created Elements Extinguish Thermal Protection Spray that has been designed for heat styled hair and increases the manageability of the hair.  The Australian desert raisin and goji berries in this spray help to protect the hair against stress and damage from heat styling.

So for silky smooth hair thats that is easy to manage, you cant go past De Lorenzo Elements Thermal Spray.




GHD Irons

GHD Wonderland Limited Offer Special Price

Right now at Care4hair we have the limited edition GHD Wonderland limited edition for a special price.


GHD Sale – Limited Edition only $ 199.00

The GHD Wonderland Limited Edition
normally retails @ $ 279.00

We have only a limited number left in stock, so if you looking for the latest GHD Iron then you simply cant go past this amazing one time offer.

Did you know that GHD styling when done correctly is not harmful to your hair? The process actually smoothes the cuticle sealing your hair and protecting it from harmful UV Rays and moisture loss!

What’s more, at Care4Hair we have had extensive training in the use of GHD’s to 

- curl 
- wave
- formal up style
- & make your hair silky smooth.

Don’t miss your opportunity to own your very own GHD that comes with full manufactures warranty.


Why the lather?

Lather, what is it?

Is it tiny bubbles that fill with air to rise to the surface, to feel and smell sensuous, and look like puffs of spongy clouds?

Well maybe,

But in reality it’s this very lather and chemical reaction (shampoo) that cleans your hair, removing dust, dirt, and other impurities to keep it looking great.

At care4Hair we have just the right lather for all hair types, fine, dry, oily, coloured, stressed, and more!

Call in for a FREE hair and scalp consultation to get the right advice and lather just for you!



You Should Brush Your Hair 100 Times Morning & Night

A golden rule that everybody was told to follow not so many years ago, was to brush your hair 100 times in the morning then another 100 times at night before bed.
It was expected and done in the same way that you would brush your teeth.
And, like most of these things there was a perfectly good reason behind it.
Brushing your hair will eliminate knots, distribute natural sebum (oils) that protect your hair.
Brushing also massages your scalp that creates better blood flow and circulation an essential ingredient for hair growth and replacement.
So next time your in the salon, speak to us about brushing your hair, the best type of brush, and to be sure that your current brush is not actually damaging your hair shaft!
See you soon.


New Season… New Hair Colour?

If you’ve been contemplating a change to your hair color for the new Spring season, don’t limit yourself to one shade.

The season’s best new hair colors are multi-tonal—think sun-kissed blonde with deeper honey undertones, warm brown with fine wefts of gold and copper enhanced with darker mocha layers.

The look this season seems to be more individualized, one that is rich and very chic.

Call to arrange a time to pop in for your very own hair colour consultation, and for your fresh start to the new season.

Kind Regards



10 Reasons Why A Good Hair Cut Is Important

So What’s the difference between a good and a bad haircut? 6-8 weeks is the standard joke and reply.

All jokes aside, if you have ever had the unfortunate experience of being on the receiving end of a BAD Haircut, you would know just how devastating it could be!

Fortunately all of our staff our expertly trained to know how to cut and shape hair.

See a good Hair Cut is all about shape and geometry, It’s about creating the right shape to frame your face shape and hair type.

A good Hair Cut Will.

  1. Frame your face
  2. Suit your hair type and density
  3. Seal your hair by removing any split ends that can continue splitting up higher and higher.
  4. Enhance natural texture by eliminating weight
  5. Hide irregular growth patterns like Cowlicks.
  6. Make your hair appear thicker ( solid one length cuts)
  7. Make your hair appear thinner, (correct razor cutting techniques)
  8. Make your home hair styling easier to achieve.
  9. Will Hold Its shape and Last you much, much longer AND last of all it will make you feel wonderful!

Book in now for a expert Hair Cut, and don’t forget to make sure you keep it regular!

Hope to see you soon!


Shop Online at Our New Website

The Care4Hair website is almost complete!

We have been building an amazing new RESPONSIVE website and its almost complete.

On our new website you will be able to see and use on any phone, tablet, or large screen, you will be able to

- make any purchase of any home hair care retail product and get it delivered to your door.
- see what we are up to in any of our salons
- get some inspiration from our latest galleries.
- contact us or find us at anytime.

We will keep you posted


Home Hair Care is Important!

Quality home hair care is important for a variety of reasons.

I can never quite understand why somebody would pay a lot of money to have their hair cut, coloured, treated, and then walk out of the salon and purchase cheap and nasty products for their home hair care maintenance.

It truly makes no sense at all to me?

Using good quality hair care products will:

- improve your hairs condition making it manageable for you
- will ensure that your new hair colour or Keratin treatment will last as long as it should
- will stop your hair from drying out and possibly splitting
- will make styling your hair simple and easy
- will make you look and feel fabulous.
- will minimize the risk of contracting scalp and hair disorders.

Although more expensive, quality home hair care products are like an insurance policy against all the bad things that come with cheap and nasty products.

Care4Hair online store has a huge range of hair care products to choose from that are all uniquely different and that cater for individual hair and scalp types.

Take a look in our online store and read up on what hair product best suits your hair and scalp type, and don’t make the silly mistake that so many people do by settling for less.

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